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4 months ago I received a phone call to tell me, my friend John (32) was injured in a motorcycle and was in the hospital, I went to him and laughed, he has had it easy in the two arms of plaster, but other than that was fine, was living at home in 2 weeks with her mother and they were very busy taking care of him, I called him and asked if I needed anything or I could do, surprised, told me when longclipstube I said I could do with a straw and asked if I could do for him, I hesitated for a moment and said, ok, but just this once, I opened the robe and his boxers in a thickness of 8 inches - like a rooster, would show burst, it was weird, I felt like I was another guys cock in hand for the first time in my life when I started little by little jerks, was all smiles, but all I could think about was what my wife I said, it does this, it took about 1 minute before shooting cum all over the place, seemed longclipstube to fly everywhere as the liter, John was very full sizefor my good deed, as had been cleaned, no problem told me that at any time and do not let me, for the longclipstube next two days everything about John straw for me was, even when my wife was fucking image longclipstube was hard cock of John might think that what icouldnt wait again, I called again to see him again and asked if the straw like the other? Yes, please. This time I made ​​a greater effort to play with balls, took his cock near my mouth and started licking slowly and deeply into the throat, I knew I'd say not bad, not when it becomes a long time before he wanted to cum, I said yes, I did not care sucked and sucked i felt as natural as he was pumping his load into my mouth, ready when we said teammate John that morning, as a joke, ok I will definitely said it was fine for a couple of weeks to make me any favors jerk off and blow, I cried one day, when John said that the change of plan, I have very selfish to you, please remove your pants today and let me suck, quickly as a flAsh take my cock into her mouth to the face and it felt really good and normal, does everything in a couple of months until the plaster had launched two away, longclipstube I stopped going because it is not needs my help I had the same two arms back, John last week I called and asked what was happening and why should not I learn more, call tonight and we can have a beer and a laugh that he had told John when I was kissing on the lips went and told us you want to go Lets Make Love pt2
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